Fashion Jewelry Lanyards ID Badge Holders

Wear a Lanyard ID Badge for work? Our exclusive designer fashion jewelry lanyards don't do boring, we do sparkle! - #lookgoodfeelgood

Each handmade and custom made beaded lanyard is created in our Bergen County New Jersey jewelry studio, one piece at a time, never mass produced. We have been designing exceptional handmade beaded jewelry for over 20 years and all of our jewelry is backed by our lifetime workmanship guarantee.

Designer quality without the designer pricetag, our handmade beaded lanyard ID badge holders are available for all gifting occasions! Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, friendship, just because and more, everyone loves to receive a jewelry gift that is unique and one of a kind!

Have an idea for a custom handmade beaded lanyard badge holder? Give us a call at 201.880.4905.