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Cream Green Serpentine Gemstone Rosary Beads Christian Catholic


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Our Serpentine Gemstone Rosary Beads are a one of a kind unique creation of Christian and Catholic prayer beads. This is a full five decade rosary, complete with genuine natural serpentine gemstone beads as the Hail Mary beads, and coordinating green round crystals as the Our Father beads throughout the entire rosary.

The serpentine gemstone beads are natural, un-dyed, and reflect their God given color range from a creamy light yellow green through to light green. Serpentine is an opaque gemstone (not see through) and is said to aid in meditation and to enhance spiritual exploration. It is composed of magnesium rich igneous rock (formed from the earth’s mantle during volcanic uprisings), most commonly the rock peridotite Ithe igneous rock from which the gemstone peridot comes from).

The spacer beads are beautiful small clear ice aurora borealis round crystals, giving joyful sparkle. The connector bead is solid sterling silver featuring the Sacred Heart of Jesus on the front and the Blessed Mother on the back holding her son. The back is stamped Regina Sterling.

You will find sterling silver beads near every connection point. The crucifix is a white washed metal cross, beautiful in its detail.

These rosary beads make a totally beautiful gift idea for yourself or someone special and can become a treasured heirloom to pass down. Handmade with love in my studio – these are one of my specialties as the power of prayer cannot be overstated. Durably made and will not break or snag like chain linked rosary beads do. Lifetime repairs guaranteed just in case!